Uthirakosamangai, Rameshwaram

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Uthirakosamangai, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu and attracts many Shaivaites each year. This popular temple also finds a mention in the hymns of Manickavasagar. The temple is easily accessible from Paramakkudi as well as Ramanathapuram.

The shrine holds as much importance for the Hindus as do the SethuMadhava theertham, the lakshmana theertham and Ramanathapuram. In short, the temple is deeply revered by the Hindus all over the country.

There is a very old maragatha Natraja idol that graces the premises of the temple. The unique feature about this Natraja idol is that it is carved from emerald.

The annual festival of Arudra is held in the temple in the month of December. This is the time when all Shiva devotees make it a point to visit the temple and seek the blessings of the God. Even tourists flock to the temple in December to be part of the joyous celebrations.

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