Saatchi Hanuman Temple, Rameshwaram

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The Saatchi Hanuman Temple in Rameshwaram is located at a distance of 3 km from the Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple and is on the way to Gandhamathana Parvatham.

According to a legend, Hanuman gave Lord Rama the good news of having found Sita in Lanka. He delivered the news along with ‘saatchi’ or true evidence in the form of Sita’s ‘choodamani’ or jewels. It is also believed that Lord Rama cried in happiness on having realized that his wife was still alive. Rama also acknowledged Hanuman as his true ‘bhakt’ or follower, who went through a lot of hardships to bring him the news of Sita.

Devotees of both Rama and Hanuman visit the temple every year. Many tourists make it a point to offer their prayers at the temple on their way to the Gandhamathanaparvatham. The temple is bustling with a lot of activity on Tuesdays, which is considered an auspicious day for worshipping Hanuman.

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