Ramalingavilasam Palace, Rameshwaram

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The Ramalingavilasam Palace belongs to the dynasty of Sethupathi Kings and was constructed by the KizhavanSethupathi, who ruled over Ramanathapuram between 1674 and 1710 and was a very popular king.

Within the Palace is a huge hall that used to be the Darbar of the kings where they would meet the people of their kingdom to solve their grievances. Ahead of the Darbar lies the dwelling quarters of the royal family and these have been done up magnificently.

On the walls of the Palace are the murals depicting the grandeur of life led by the Sethupathi royal family. The murals also show the scenes from the battle fought with the Marathas. The murals also prove the liaison between the Sethupathis and the European traders. Apart from their historical representation, the murals are also important from the art point of view. The life-like murals have been done up exquisitely proving that art and architecture flourished under the patronage of Sethupathis.


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