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Kurusadai Island, Rameshwaram

The Kurusadai Island is considered a paradise of exotic and nearly extinct marine species. Most of the people visiting the island are either marine specialists or aquatic researchers who have a keen interest in studying and discovering more about marine life. However, the island is popular among tourists for its distinctive coral reefs as well.

The island is about 7 km from Mandapam and is a delight to visit. One can spot dolphins and sea cows making merry in the Gulf of Mannar. A unique feature of this part of the sea that distinguishes it from the surrounding water is the presence of balanoglossus – an organism that is considered a rare and precious form of living fossils.

Another valuable asset of the marine biosphere in the islands is the sea anemone. This organism can turn into the shape of an amoeba if it is disturbed or threatened by the presence of some foreign body close by. The place is a must visit though you will have to take permission from the authorities concerned.

Kurusadai Island Photos