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Gandhamathana Parvatham, Rameshwaram

Gandhamathana Parvatham is a small summit to the north of the Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple. The hillock is at a walking distance of 3 km and is known to be the highest point in Rameshwaram. There is a small temple, the Ramarpatham Temple that has been built on top of the hillock.

On the way to the Gandhamathana Parvatham is a hall with two floors; in this hall you can see Lord Rama’s feet imprinted on a wheel. Also, on the way to the mountain is situated a small temple that according to legends had been built on the spot where Hanuman found Sita’s jewellery that she dropped when Ravana abducted her and took her to Lanka.

Tourists flock to the hillock because the peak offers a majestic view of the Rameshwaram Island. One can see the crystal blue of the sea surrounding the emerald green of the island. It is indeed a pleasurable site.

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