Venugopala Swamy Temple, Krishnagiri

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Venugopala Swamy Temple in Thali attracts tourists from across South India. Venugopala Swamy an avatar of Lord Krishna, has been enshrined in this beautiful, serene temple. Venu translates as flute in Telugu and the temple personifies the melodious tune of the Lord’s flute. The vast area of the temple broken by numerous columns and pillars made of stone afford an onlooker a glimpse into the glorious past of India. Sounds reverberate across the stone floor and become a part of the sounds of nature surrounding the temple. The temple stands not as an intrusion into nature, but as an integral part of nature.

Age lends itself to the temple beautifully. The temple is one of the few temples that have aged gracefully, becoming an indisposable part and parcel of Thali and the psyche of the residents and visitors alike to Thali. While the weather is not a major deterrent to visiting the temple. The month of May is special for the Venugopala Swamy temple because of the car or chariot festival. If you are looking for peace and tranquility, then the month of May may not be ideal as thousands of devotees visit the temple during the month of May.


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