Shree Parshwa Padmavathi Shaktipeet Tirth Dham, Krishnagiri

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Shree Parshwa Padmavathi Shaktipeet Thirth Dham in Orappam village 7 km outside of Krishnagiri is a spiritual organization established by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Vasanth Gurudev Ji. The 23rd thirthankara of the 24 thirthankars, Sri Parshwanath Bhagwan in the holy dharma of Jainism, is worshipped in the temple. The organization promotes peace and harmony, ideals that the temple personifies and embodies.

The temple while being colorful and festive is a sanctuary of peace and quiet motivating devotees to find their own inner peace and calm, to be balanced so that humanity as a whole maybe balanced and harmonious. The founder, Sri Sri Sri Vasanth Gurudev Ji has participated in numerous global peace conferences and promotes spiritual well-being through supporting the needy. The temple regularly organizes “Anna dhan” for those devotees in need of a good meal. A visit to the temple can certainly help restore some measure of peace and calm to life.


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