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Government Museum, Krishnagiri

The Government Museum on Gandhi Road in Krishnagiri is an attraction for both the young and the old. Founded in the year 1993, the Government Museum has an infinite collection that grows with every passing year; it offers a glimpse into the tradition, art and architecture, culture, the heritage and the history of Tamil Nadu. The museum is not only a place of recreation but a place of education. The museum keeps history and culture visible and alive in an era where sweeping globalisation erases uniqueness and identity.

The museum collects, classifies and conducts research on the historical value of various objects. Exhibits about anthropology, botany, archaeology, geography, zoology, children’s gallery and painting gallery are a part of the museum. The museum remains open to visitors between 9.30 am and 5.00 pm, Monday through Thursday and on Saturdays except for second Saturdays and national holidays. The museum maybe a disappointment for photo enthusiasts as cameras are not allowed in the premises.

Government Museum Photos

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