Thali, Krishnagiri

Thali, a tranquil, serene oasis of a village is also referred to as “Little England”. Innumerable lakes, hillocks cliffs and the ensuring valleys, make for a landscape that has something to offer for everyone. Located 25km from Hosur, Thali is accessible from Tamil Nadu as well as Karnataka. Treks and hikes are extremely popular in Thali given the landscape. The views that long hikes offer are second to none and worth the effort of climbing the steep paths. Thali enjoys cool weather year-round, making it a favorable summer retreat for locals especially because summer in Tamil Nadu is extremely unfavorable.

Thali, given its proximity to Krishnagiri, Bangalore and Hosur becomes a stop-over for travellers between Bangalore and Krishnagiri. The cool, tranquil shade of trees invites passersby to picnic and relax in nature’s lap. Other than nature, the Denkanikottai fort built in 1530 by Palayakarar beckons those interested in history. The Fort although partially destroyed, even to this day resonates with history. For travelers with a religious bend of mind the Venugopala Swami temple is a must see. Whatever the season, Thali finds a place in everybody’s itinerary.




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