Kelavarapalli Reservoir, Krishnagiri

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The river Ponniar that originates on the eastern slopes of Chennakesava hills has irrigation projects such as the Kelavararpalli Reservoir and the Sathanur Reservoir constructed across it. The Dam sustains agricultural projects in the surrounding areas and provides drinking water for Hosur. The river Ponniar in its journey of 331 kms sustains agriculture, flora and fauna provides drinking water for towns along its path. The dam being 13.5 metres high offers respendent views of the river and the landscaped gardens surrounding the dam. The dam is well known not only for being an oasis of peace and nature, but for being a sanctuary for birds.

A large number of migratory birds call Kelavararpalli Reservoir and the surrounding area home. A visit to the Kelavararpalli Reservoir is a treat like no other, as the resident and migratory birds flock to the river and the surrounding area. Avid bird watchers claim that there is no sound like the call of a bird and there is no place like Kelavararpalli Reservoir to see birds. Kelavararpalli Reservoir is an enjoyable place for children and adults. A beautiful park with play equipment set-up is a treat for children while the adults enjoy the serenity of nature.


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