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  • 01Kasauli Brewery

    Kasauli Brewery

    Kasauli Brewery, established by Edward Dyer during the 1820s, is the world’s highest distillery, resting at an altitude of 6000 ft above sea level. Situated in the outskirts of the town, the distilling and brewing tools were shipped to the country from England and Scotland by Dyer.

    He chose this location because of the availability of spring waters and favourable climatic conditions. Of all the original equipment, copper pot stills are still used. Dyer, with the aim of producing Malt Whiskey similar to Scotch Whiskey started distilling Malt Whiskey and India Pale Ale here.

    The brewery was later reallocated because of the scarcity of spring water. The brewery at Kasauli is, however, still functional and is now the oldest working distillery in Asia. Originally, the company was known as Dyer Breweries Limited. Later, after a merger with Meakin Breweries Limited, the distillery came to be known as Dyer Meakin Breweries Limited.

    The company still exists and is known by the name of Mohan Meakin Limited. Diplomat Deluxe Whiskey, Old Monk rum, London Dry, Colonel's Special, Kaplanski vodka and Summer Hall are some of the popular brands of the company.

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  • 02Sunrise Point

    Sunrise Point

    Sunrise Point, earlier known as Hawa Ghar, is a beautiful spot in Kasauli. It was known as Hawa Ghar because of the steady breeze experienced by the place throughout the year. Travellers visit this place to enjoy the stunning view of sunrise. The timings of the sunrises here differ each time. Visitors can also witness the beauty of sunset at Sunset Point, which is located on the same line as Sunrise Point.

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  • 03Sunset Point

    Sunset Point

    Sunset Point is a picturesque place where tourists can enjoy stunning sunsets. The fading rays of the sun look amazing during dusk adding to the beauty of the surroundings. The spot is located at the Upper Mall, which is at a distance of about 100 m from the Kasauli Club.

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  • 04Monkey Point

    Monkey Point

    Monkey Point, situated at a distance of about 4 km from the town bus stand, is the highest peak of Kasauli. The place offers a perfect view of the Sutlej River, Chandigarh and the snow-capped Choor Chandni Peak, the tallest peak of the Lower Himalayan region.

    A temple situated on the peak, dedicated to the Hindu monkey-god, Hanuman, attracts visitors to the place. The place is named so after the presiding deity of this temple. According to Hindu mythology, Hanuman had kept His foot on this peak, which is in the shape of a foot, while flying over the Himalayas carrying the Sanjeevani Parvat, a hill with herbs.

    The temple is said to enshrine the foot prints of the deity. The entire area of Monkey Point is under the control of the Indian Air Force. Tourists have to seek permission from authorities in order to visit this place and cameras are not permitted in the premises. The place is accessible by car or by foot and is at a two hour’s walking distance from the Mall Road there.

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  • 05Christ Church

    Christ Church is one of the popular religious centres in the town, located on the Mall Road. Representing Gothic architectural style, this ancient church was constructed in 1884. The church, devoted to St. Francis and St. Barnabas, is among the popular tourist attractions of the hill town.

    This grand church is in the shape of a cross and has a clock tower and a sundial, a device that tells the time of the day. Moreover, a cemetery having old graves dating back to 1850s is present in the vicinity.

    Till 1970, the church was under the Church of England but was later taken over by the Church of North India or CNI. A beautiful sculpture of Jesus Christ held by Joseph and Mary is an attraction of the church.

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  • 06Gurkha Fort

    Gurkha Fort

    Gurkha Fort rests at an altitude of 1437 m above sea level in the town of Subathu, which is popular as the cantonment town. Built by the Gurkhas in the 19th century, the fort holds 180-year old cannons that were used in battles. The region came under the British rule after the Gurkhas were defeated in a war. Subathu is now a major army cantonment region having 14 Gurkha Indian army training centres.

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  • 07Mall Road

    Mall Road is a popular spot in the town where people can go shopping. Travellers visiting the place can also enjoy nature walks at the Upper Mall Road and the Lower Mall Road. One of the busiest and crowded places in Kasauli, the best time to be here is between the months of April and June and September and January.

    The Mall Road stretches from Christ Church to the Monkey Point and has many eating joints as well. Tourists can shop for various items including wood and metal work, regional handicrafts, woollen clothes and Tibetan carpets. Tourists can also shop at the Tibetan Market and the Old Bazaar, which are known for woollen item and mementoes. Entry of vehicles is prohibited in the Mall Road.

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  • 08Baptist Church

    Baptist Church

    Baptist Church, constructed in 1923 by the British is a beautiful combination of Indian and Gothic architectural style. This church is counted among the most visited buildings in the town and is located in the midst of nature. The peaceful environment of the church attracts travellers from all over. The church can be reached easily via taxi or cars as it is located in the centre of the town.

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  • 09Krishna Bhawan Mandir

    Krishna Bhawan Mandir

    Krishna Bhawan Mandir, situated in the heart of the town is a beautiful temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Krishna. Constructed in 1926, this temple showcases a perfect combination of the Indian and European style of architecture, similar to that of churches.

    This temple was designed and constructed keeping the principles of Vastu Shastra in mind. The temple was built in collaboration of the rulers, the specialists and the local craftsmen.

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  • 10Dagshai


    Dagshai, located in the Shivalik foothills at a height of 6000 ft above sea level, is one of the oldest British cantonments in India. Beautiful school buildings dating to 1876 are located at the Dagshai Hill. The place has a soccer field on top of a hill where the initial matches of the Durand Football Tournament were played.The place also has historical importance as several battles were fought here. During 1846, the Britishers built a cantonment with a big prison at this place.

    Permanent tattoos were made on the foreheads of the prisoners as a marker. The place was under the rule of the Maharaja of Patiala before it was passed on to the British for the establishment of military stations. One of the prominent tourist attractions here is the Roman Catholic Church, along with a graveyard of British soldiers who lived in the cantonment area.

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  • 11Baba Balak Nath Temple

    Baba Balak Nath Temple

    Baba Balak Nath Temple is a cave temple located 3 km away from Kasauli on the top of the Graner Hill. It is one of the most popular religious centres situated in the town of Kasauli. This temple is devoted to Baba Balak Nath, who was a great devotee of the Hindu deity Shiva.

    It is believed that childless couples who offer their prayers in this temple have their wishes of bearing children granted. The temple consists of several statues of Shiva along with a picture of a blessed child, which is the highlight of the temple.

    Women are, however, not allowed to enter the cave. The Hindu festival of Navratri is celebrated in this temple with gaiety and enthusiasm. Travellers visiting here can also see the Shah Talai, which is located nearby and is accessible via the ropeway.

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  • 12Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Ji

    Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Ji

    Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Ji, an old religious centre of Sikhs, is located in the market of Gharkhal on the road going towards Kasauli.

    A programme is organised in the premises of this gurudwara every Sunday after which 'karah parshad', sacred food in the form of a sweet dish prepared from flour, is distributed among attendees followed by langar or community kitchen, where food is distributed among them.

    Devotees visiting the place can also stay at the gurudwara as the place provides lodging facilities. Another gurudwara situated on the Kasauli–Mashobra road is situated nearby.

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  • 13Central Research Institute

    The Central Research Institute or CRI was set up in Kasauli in 1905 during the time of Britishers. The place is thronged all through the year by tourists who come here to visit the beautiful campus ground. CRI is engaged in some research and development activities and has created vaccines for treating various diseases and ailments including cholera, typhoid, smallpox and snakebite.

    Sir David Semple was the first director of this institute and it is under him that the organisation worked in the area of immunology and virological research. The institute is responsible for the development of vaccines for rabies and snakebite.

    The institute also provides academic courses apart from medical research and development. Administered by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, this institute offers graduate and post-graduate courses.

    The CRI is internationally known for its contribution in the medical field. At present, the organisation is working in collaboration with the World Health Organisation or WHO for the preparation of vaccines for diseases such as polio, measles and DTP.

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  • 14Lawrence School

    Lawrence School

    The Lawrence School, established by Sir Henry M. Lawrence on 17th April 1847 is counted amongst one of the oldest schools in the country. Situated at a distance of around 6 km from Kasauli in Sanawar, the school is known to have produced many celebrities and famous individuals of India. Spread over a large area of 139 acres, the area of the school has big playgrounds, buildings, and hostels.

    Situated amidst nature, the entire region is surrounded by forests of cedar, oak and pine. The institution is the recipient of the King's Colour, a top academic honour for academic excellence given during the British reign.

    Other schools that were presented with honour include Eton, the Duke of York's Royal Military School, Shrewsbury, Cheltenham and the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. The government took control of the school after Sir Henry’s death in 1857. A cathedral built of grey stones in the compound of the school is much appreciated by tourists.

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  • 15Kasauli Club

    Kasauli Club

    Kasauli Club, located in the premises of the Indian Army cantonment, was established in 1880. Counted among the esteemed social clubs in India, it takes 15 years of consideration before an individual is accepted as a member of this club. The Club Secretary, an Indian Army personnel, looks after the management of the club.

    The most important feature of this club was its woodwork which was destroyed in a fire that took place in 2001. The club comprises two tennis courts, a squash court, card rooms, billiards room and a garden. The place also features a lodging facility. The club is associated with the Dagshai and Subathu cantonments.

    Ever since the club was established, a programme called the Kasauli Night has been organised every year during May and June.

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