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Jayanti Devi Temple, Jind

Jayanti Devi Temple was built some 550 years back in reverence to the wishes of the daughter of the ruler of Kangra, in Himachal Pradesh, who was married to one of the sons of the ruler of Hathnaur, located in the north of Chandigarh. The princess was an ardent devotee of Jayanti Devi, the goddess of their clan.

She was worried that she would be deprived of the worship of the goddess after her marriage in the absence of the temple. She, therefore, prayed hard to the goddess for help.

It is said that the doli (palanquin) carrying her became so heavy that its bearers could not move further. Seeing this predicament, a small idol of the goddess was placed inside the doli and the problem was resolved.

The ruler of Hathnaur, therefore, built a temple dedicated to Goddess Jayanti Devi at a hillock in the Shivalik ranges, 15 kilometres from Chandigarh.

The village Jayanti Majri and Jayanti Archeological Museum located at the foot of the hill and a seasonal stream, Jayanti Rao, flowing close by owe their names to the temple which can be reached after climbing a hundred steps.

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