Bhuteshvara temple, Jind

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Bhuteshwar temple is called so because it is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is also called Bhootnath, the lord of the bhoots, ghosts or spirits. This explains why almost all the crematoria in North India are adorned with huge idols of Lord Shiva. When a person dies and he is cremated, what is left is his spirit.

The temple is situated on Gohana road. It was built by Raja Raghbir Singh, the ruler of Jind. It is built on the pattern of the Golden Temple of Amritsar since it is surrounded by a huge water tank or talaab. Therefore, it is also called Rani Talaab.

One reason for building the tank was for the queen take a bath in it. The king, therefore, built a tunnel connecting the tank with the palace so that Her Majesty could access it without being exposed to public view. The remnants of the tunnel are still visible. The temple houses the idols of several other gods and goddesses. It is also known as the pool of the royal family of the state of Jind.

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