Ramrai, Jind

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Ramrai or Ramray, a Jat dominated village, is located on the Jind-Hansi road 8 kilometres in the western side of district Jind. The village owes its name to Ramahrada, a pool built by the ever angry warrior- sage Lord   Parshuram.

According to the Vamana Purana, which identifies Ramahrada with village Ramrai located near Jind, Lord Parshuram killed so many Kshatriyas or Haihayas that he filled five pools with their blood to propitiate his ancestors. The blood flowed into the pools like water. It is, therefore, believed that a bath in the pool at the Ramahrada temple is very holy and brings in a lot of religious merit.

An ancient temple dedicated to Lord Parshuram is located nearby. The idol in the shrine is worshiped regularly. Ramrai is an ancient village and is popular religious destination for the people in the surrounding areas who flock to it in large numbers all through the year.

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