St. Thomas Church, Hisar

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Located on the National Highway No.10 in the city of Hisar in Haryana, St. Thomas Church was built in four years starting from December, 1860 to May, 1864. It was dedicated to St. Thomas, one of the twelve disciplines of Jesus Christ. Its construction in those times cost Rs.4500. The holy shrine was consecrated on 31st December, 1865 by the Bishop of Calcutta, George Edward Lynch Cotton.

The design and construction of the church imbibes the main features of Victorian style architecture. The church houses an altar, a pulpit for sermons, a vestry and a baptistery for baptizing the Christians by giving them names.

The pulpit is decorated with velvet curtains. The main hall of the church, enclosed by two feet thick walls, is built over an area of 1325 square meters and can seat approximately 40 people. The church bell was built in Roorki in 1874.

The premises of the church also houses a graveyard situated close to its gate. The grave of John Wedderburn, the then collector of Hisar, who was killed along with his family by Indian soldiers in 1857, is also located here.

Admission for worship in the shrine remained restricted to Christians only until, 1899. Rev. F.R. Willis, the Bishop of Delhi performed the centenary service of the church on January8, 1966.

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