Lohari Ragho, Hisar

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Lohari Ragho, a large historical village, is located approximately 52 kms in the east of the city of Hisar. The village is home to three historic mounds whose roots can be traced to Sothi-Siswal ceramic period. The mounds were excavated in 1980 by Dhoop Singh and Chanderpal Singh, officials of the Department of Archaeology and Museums, Haryana.

The duo discovered the archaeological remains of the Harappan period in form of ceramics of those times. The ceramic articles discovered included vases, globular jars, basins, bowls and fast wheel pottery creations made of red ware.

These artefacts are reminiscent of the black and red ware culture of early Iron Age in the northern region of the Indian subcontinent. According to archaeologists these findings date back to post Rigvedic civilization that existed approximately during 12th to 9th century BC.

Lohari Ragho also hosts some religious monuments and temples including Dargah, Baba Bakshan Shah located on pond in the village, Gurudwara Kamboj Sabha, Gurudwara Banda Bahadur and several shrines such as Shiv Mandir, Baba Balak Nath Temple, Sanatan Dharam Mandir and some old mosques.

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