Fort of Prithviraj, Hisar

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Also known as Prithviraj ka Quila, Fort of Prithviraj is located in the city of Hansi in the Hisar district. As the name suggests, the fort was built by the famous Rajput warrior of the same name in 12th century. It was rebuilt by George Thomas in 1798 when he made Hansi the capital of his kingdom comprising Hisar and Rohtak. The fort was converted into a cantonment by British army when it vanquished George Thomas. It was, however, abandoned by them during 1857 revolt. The square shaped fort, sprawling over an area of 30 acres and surrounded by 52 foot high and 37 feet thick wall, was one of the strongest forts in ancient India. A mosque was later built in it after the defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan.

The gates of the forts are carved with beautiful image of Hindu gods and goddesses as well birds and animals. Firoz Shah Tughlaq later on built a tunnel connecting Hansi with Hisar for strategic reasons. The fort also houses the idols of Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavir. Fifty seven Jain idols made of Ashtadhatu were recovered during the 1982 excavation. It was declared a Protected Monument of National Importance by the Archaeological Survey of India 1937.

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