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The Delhi Metro is the latest technology that the state and central government has come up with to make transportation easier to the public. From the busy streets of Delhi, the Delhi Metro has found its way to help people commute in a much easy and comfortable way.

Though the construction if the Delhi Metro started in 1998, the first railway line known as the Red Line was opened in 2002, which was soon followed by other lines which are the Yellow Line, Blue Line, Green Line and Violet Line.

The operations of the Delhi Metro are easy to understand for even an illiterate. The stored-value smartcard system makes it all the more easier for the passengers to recharge and use the cards at the start of every journey and at the end of a journey. The on-train announcements and other information systems operate in Hindi and English.

This world-class metro system ensures safety and reliability to the public with its sophisticated and modern train control system. The air-conditioned coaches make travelling easier, and the Automatic Fare Collection System makes ticketing and passenger control an easy task as well. Entries and exits to the metro stations are controlled by flap-doors, and there are escalators at both sides for the convenience of the public.

This convenient mode of transportation in Delhi is one of its kind in the country. If you visit the capital city, do make sure you have a first-hand experience of the Delhi Metro as well.


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