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  • 01Pookot Lake

    Pookot Lake (also, Pookode Lake) is a fresh water lake in Wayanad. The lake is located amidst the dense forests and is one of the most popular picnic spots in Kerala. You can spend hours sitting on the banks of the lake just taking in the view or you could hire a boat and do boating in the lake with your family.

    A little further from the lake is situated the Sree Narayana Ashram. Spend some time in the ashram to relax your body and mind. The serene atmosphere of the ashram and its scenic beauty will fill your heart with pleasure and make you forget all your troubles.

    The ashram has breath-taking scenery; a quaint structure surrounded from all sides by flowering trees, lush green walks and a sparkling lake, what more can one ask for? You can buy souvenirs for your loved ones from the shops that are located a little away from the Lake.

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  • 02Kuruva Dweep

    Kuruva Dweep is a river delta that is situated on the Kabini river. This is an important river for the district of Wayanad. The delta forms the Kuruva Dweep that is bursting with growth of evergreen trees. One can spot a variety of flora and fauna on the island.

    The Kuruva Dweep is home to some of the rarest of birds. Many exotic herbs and orchids can be found growing on the island. The island is immensely popular among tourists who want to explore the abundance of nature. The richness of nature found on the Kuruva Dweep has given it the distinction of drawing maximum tourists from all over the world.

    One can visit the island by hiring fibre boats and rafts that are provided by the Kerala Tourism Department. The entry to the island is allowed only at certain times of the year in an effort to keep the island’s natural charm intact. Therefore, it is important to obtain permission from the Department of Forest before entering the island.

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  • 03Neelimala View Point

    Neelimala View Point is a frequently visited tourist destination in the district of Wayanad. The destination is very popular among people who are inclined towards sports and adventures. This is a very good place for trekking and promises you beautiful scenery as you climb your way up to the view point.

    Along with trekking, it is also an ideal place for camping if you have time on your hands. There are plenty of trails around the view point to satisfy your thirst for adventure activities. The trails involve climbing up and through the various coffee plantations. One can catch the aroma of ginger and areca nut along with those of coffee beans as the climb intensifies.

    Neelimala view point offers a mesmerizing view of plenty of waterfalls, gently rolling hills, lush green grasses silently waving with the breeze and, of course, the enthralling valley with its dense forests. One can also spot the Meenmutti Falls that makes up for an exciting view.

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  • 04Thirunelli Temple

    Thirunelli Temple is located near the Brahmagiri Hill near Wayanad. This is a very old temple primarily devoted to Lord Vishnu. The temple is only 900 m from Wayanad and is beautifully located. It is believed that Thirunelli was once an important pilgrim centre of the Hindus, given its location.

    The temple is built in a valley that is surrounded by mountains on all four sides. The forests surrounding the temple are thick and extremely dense making it quite a task to access the temple.

    There are no records to show when the temple was built though it is thought to be very ancient. Records show that the temple was in existence between 962-1019 CE. Even then the temple was an important place of worship for the South Indians.

    Archaeologists have found ruins of at least two villages near the temple. Looking at the temple, one can only marvel that the structure still stands after all these centuries.

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  • 05Banasura Sagar Dam

    Banasura Sagar Dam is situated 21 km from the town of Kalpetta and is built on the tributary of the Kabini river. The dam was built in accordance with the Banasurasagar Project that began in 1979. The project was mainly started to supply regular water to the regions that experienced drought-like conditions during summer months.

    The Banasura Dam has the distinction of being the largest earth dam built in India and the second largest in Asia. The dam has been built using very strong stones and boulders. When the dam was built, its reservoirs sank the surrounding low lying areas of land resulting in the formation of small islands.

    The islands provide a breath-taking view of the Banasura Hills. Many people use the dam for starting their trek to the beautiful mountains of the Western Ghats. The dam is, therefore, a huge attraction among tourists, especially those from outside India.

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  • 06Chain Tree

    Chain Tree in Wayanad is again a very popular tourist destination primarily because of the engrossing story attached to it. There is a huge Ficus tree in the place that draws plenty of tourists from all over the world.

    Legend has it that a British engineer used the help of a local guide, Karinthandan, to access Wayanad by crossing the arduous mountain trails. Once on reaching Wayanad the engineer killed the guide in order to claim sole credit for discovering the place. The spirit of the guide started haunting and troubling the subsequent travellers.

    Finally, a priest used his powers to chain the spirit to a tree and hence the name Chain Tree. Even today a chain hangs from the Ficus tree. It is this chain that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Even if you do not believe in ghost stories, the place is a must visit for the scenic and splendid view that it offers.

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  • 07Phantom Rock

    Phantom Rock is located in the picturesque town of Wayanad and is a must see for all the tourists visiting the place. The rock is structured naturally in the form of a skull. Local people refer to the rock as ‘Cheengeri Mala’. People of all ages will enjoy watching this peculiarly shaped rock. It is a beautifully carved out skull and hence the name ‘Phantom Rock’.

    The Phantom Rock is located in a place that is ideal for trekking and camping. However, you must carry your own gear and know the routes of the trails. Around the Phantom rock are Kalpetta and Sulthan Bathery.

    Both the places offer beautiful sceneries and you must go there with your cameras as you will come across plenty of breath-catching views on your way to the two towns. Kalpetta is located 25 km from Phantom Rock and Sulthan Bathery is located 10 km from the place.

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