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Wayanad Weather

The best time to visit Wayanad is in the months of winter. This is the best time for sightseeing because the sun during the day is not very hot and the humidity is also low. The sightseeing can continue during evening and night as well because it doesn’t get chillingly cold.


Summers are very hot in Wayanad and the temperature can go up to 37°C during the day. This makes it nearly impossible to venture outside and you don’t enjoy sightseeing at all. Summer evenings are pleasant though as gentle breeze blows through the evening and into the night. Summer in Wayanad starts from March and ends in May.


Between the months June and September Wayanad experiences heavy rainfall. The place sees heavy downpours that spirals life out of gear. The temperature falls down to 25°C but sightseeing is not possible because of the torrential winds and rainfall. Wayanad falls in the path of the south west and north east monsoons.


The winter in Wayanad starts in early December and continues till mid-February. The temperature fluctuates between 18°C and 28°C. The days are pleasant and the evenings become cool. The nights can become cold during the winters and one requires a light jacket or a woolen stole to keep the cold away.