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Kuruva Dweep, Wayanad


Kuruva Dweep is a river delta that is situated on the Kabini river. This is an important river for the district of Wayanad. The delta forms the Kuruva Dweep that is bursting with growth of evergreen trees. One can spot a variety of flora and fauna on the island.

The Kuruva Dweep is home to some of the rarest of birds. Many exotic herbs and orchids can be found growing on the island. The island is immensely popular among tourists who want to explore the abundance of nature. The richness of nature found on the Kuruva Dweep has given it the distinction of drawing maximum tourists from all over the world.

One can visit the island by hiring fibre boats and rafts that are provided by the Kerala Tourism Department. The entry to the island is allowed only at certain times of the year in an effort to keep the island’s natural charm intact. Therefore, it is important to obtain permission from the Department of Forest before entering the island.