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Neelimala View Point, Wayanad


Neelimala View Point is a frequently visited tourist destination in the district of Wayanad. The destination is very popular among people who are inclined towards sports and adventures. This is a very good place for trekking and promises you beautiful scenery as you climb your way up to the view point.

Along with trekking, it is also an ideal place for camping if you have time on your hands. There are plenty of trails around the view point to satisfy your thirst for adventure activities. The trails involve climbing up and through the various coffee plantations. One can catch the aroma of ginger and areca nut along with those of coffee beans as the climb intensifies.

Neelimala view point offers a mesmerizing view of plenty of waterfalls, gently rolling hills, lush green grasses silently waving with the breeze and, of course, the enthralling valley with its dense forests. One can also spot the Meenmutti Falls that makes up for an exciting view.

Neelimala View Point Photos