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Travel To These Picturesque Reservoir Lakes In Tamil Nadu

By Akash Singh

There are innumerable places in Tamil Nadu which have been attracting travellers from all over the country for centuries. These tourist attractions include several natural wonders and numerous man-made marvels. However, a reservoir lake is a certain beauty which is a perfect blend of natural magnificence and man-made artistry.

So, how about visiting these reservoir lakes in Tamil Nadu this season to relax yourself while getting pampered by their natural surroundings? Amongst these lakes, some are located on hill stations and a few on plains.

If you are looking to escape the summer heat and do not wish to go far, then these reservoir lakes are perfect choices which can make your weekends memorable. Read on to know more about these picturesque lakes.

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Sholavaram Lake

Sholavaram Lake

PC- Puzhal2015

Located in the Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu, Sholavaram Lake was constructed in 1877 during the reign of the British Empire to cater to the needs of surroundings cities and towns. The area around the lake has also been a centre of motor racing and hence, today also you can still find the racing tracks here.

Sholavaram Lake is the most beautiful destination in the region and therefore, over a period of time, it has become a weekend destination for picnic lovers and photographers. You can find several local tourists coming from nearby places to rejuvenate in its clean and tidy environment.

Today, this reservoir lake serves as one of the major sources for supplying water to the Chennai city. Being a rain-fed reservoir, the water rises up to its maximum level during the monsoon season, thereby, enhancing the overall natural beauty of the surroundings.

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Chembarambakkam Lake

Chembarambakkam Lake

PC- GnanaskandanK

Another mesmerising reservoir lake, Chembarambakkam Lake is located on Adyar river at a distance of around 30 km from Chennai and is spread over an area of 15 square kilometres. It is also a rain-fed reservoir and is one of the few reservoirs which have been supplying water to the Chennai city. As per legends, it is believed that this reservoir lake has been in existence since the times of the Chola Period hundreds of years ago.

Chembarambakkam Lake has become an evening destination for the locals who come here to enjoy the liveliness of nature. Today, it has gained popularity all over the state, as a result of which you can witness tourists coming in hundreds every month to spend their weekends amid nature and fresh air.

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Berijam Lake

Berijam Lake

PC- Lokesh Ramachandra

Berijam is one of the prime attractions in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu and hence, it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Being located near Kodaikanal, it has become a sure-shot tourist spot over a period of time.

Berijam Lake is also one of the few freshwater reservoirs in Tamil Nadu and hence, it also offers drinking water to several nearby villages and towns. Located in upper Palani Hills, it was originally a swamp area which later on, was turned into a proper reservoir lake by creating a spillway on a dam.

Berijam Lake is a perfect place for photography and spending weekends as the region around the lake is rich in green vegetation. You can spot several species of migratory and indigenous birds here during the summer season. The presence of colourful flowers and beautiful plants adds on to its glamour.

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Puzhal Lake

Puzhal Lake

PC- Puzhal2015

Also known as Red Hills Lake, Puzhal Lake is the major source of water for Chennai. It is also one of the oldest reservoirs in India and dates back to the year 1876. Spread over an area of 18 square kilometres, Puzhal Lake presents its visitors with enchanting views of nature when sunrays reflect over its dazzling water, thereby, creating an alluring scenery.

The surroundings of Puzhal Lake are quiet interesting and therefore, this picturesque reservoir lake is visited by thousands of tourists every year, ranging from photographers to birdwatchers and nature lovers to travellers.

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Veeranam Lake

Veeranam Lake

PC- Kailash Sugumaran

Built during the reign of the Chola Era, Veeranam Lake is settled in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu. It is also set to cater to the water facilities of nearby towns and cities. As it draws water from the Cauvery river, it supplies water to the Chennai city for drinking purposes. The scenic views of Veeranam Lake at the time of dawn and dusk are certainly commendable. You must visit this reservoir lake if you are looking to spend some quality time amid natural settings.

Apart from above-given reservoir lakes, you can also visit Porur Lake and Poondi Lake which are also epitomes of man-made beauty known for their natural environment. Plan a trip to these beautiful reservoir lakes and make your weekends cool and memorable now.

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