» »Thalaiyar Falls – The Beauty Tucked Away In Palani Hills

Thalaiyar Falls – The Beauty Tucked Away In Palani Hills

Even though Tamil Nadu is famous amongst tourists as the temple state of India with thousands of Hindu temples within its boundaries. Unknown to common tourists, it is also rich in green vegetation and natural beauty.

The presence of beautiful grasslands, rich forests, diverse wildlife and mesmerising waterfalls prove the fact that Tamil Nadu is also home to scenic landscapes with enthralling hills.

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Thalaiyar Falls is one of these scenic beauties which is the pride of Tamil Nadu. Hidden deep in the wood of Palani Hills, this beautiful waterfall is gaining popularity day by day. So, how about exploring the richness of its waters and surroundings this season?

A Little Bit About Thalaiyar Falls

A Little Bit About Thalaiyar Falls

Also popular as Rat Tail Falls, Thalaiyar Falls is located in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu and is the highest waterfalls in the state falling from the height of 975 feet. It is easily visible from the town of Batlagundu where it is located.

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Thalaiyar Falls is surrounded by the lush greenery of Palani Hills and hence, it provides its visitors with the unseen magnificence of the fall through its majestic views. The waterfall is easily visible from Dum Dum Rock Viewpoint which is located on the road to Kodaikanal.

As the water of Thalaiyar Falls comes from the rivers of Tamil Nadu and nearby regions, it is said to be polluted. Hence, it is not advisable to take bath in its waters. Moreover, due to the absence of proper roads, it is risky and dangerous to reach the base or top of the falls.

Why You Should Visit This Charming Waterfall

Why You Should Visit This Charming Waterfall

If you love contemplating the beauty of nature and capturing it in your eyes, then Thalaiyar Falls should be your next stoppage. Lying on the Batlagundu-Kodaikanal road, the beauty of Thalaiyar Falls cannot be ignored. Hence, it has become an ideal en route destination for every traveller and tourist.

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Even though it is difficult and risky to reach Thalaiyar Falls, it still attracts thousands of tourists and adventure seekers every year. The beauty of this narrow waterfall gushing down the rocky slopes of Palani Hills is something which one should not miss.

The melodious sounds, of wind howling through the forests and mixing up with the tunes of water hitting the ground, produce a perfect environment with serenity and calmness all around. Who would afford to miss this marvellous beauty of nature?

Things To Do In Around Thalaiyar Falls

Things To Do In Around Thalaiyar Falls

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Apart from watching Thalaiyar Falls and capturing the best of beauties, you can also visit its nearby places such as Manjalar river, Goddess Kamakshi Temple and Manjalar Lake. Even though Thalaiyar Falls has been attracting several hikers who take up the challenge to reach its base and fathom its height, it is strictly advisable for common tourists to not try such challenges.

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However, if you are willing to hike down to the base of the hill, you can take up this task during the summer season. Starting at Manjalar Lake, you need to pass through several farms and orchards before you reach the base.

How To Reach Thalaiyar Falls

How To Reach Thalaiyar Falls

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Located near Batlagundu-Kodaikanal road, the viewpoint of Thalaiyar Falls is easily accessible by road. However, if you are looking to reach the base or top of the fall, you need to be cautious as there are no proper roads and trails to reach Thalaiyar Falls. The nearest railway station and airport from Thalaiyar Falls is located at Madurai at an approximate distance of around 110 km.

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Best Time To Visit Thalaiyar Falls

Best Time To Visit Thalaiyar Falls

As the water in Thalaiyar Falls starts reducing with the summer season, it is wise to avoid visiting Thalaiya Falls during the summers. The best time to visit Thalaiyar Falls is from October to March and July to August as during this period, the water level is enjoyable and the weather conditions are also favourable letting you explore more.

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