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Places to Visit and Things to do in Mumbai During Monsoon

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We've heard so much about Mumbai rains. Haven't we? These days it is rather dull because of the heavy monsoon, but as the rain calms down and the city takes its natural pace back, Mumbai becomes the most coveted destination during the monsoons. There is something about the sea, the megastructure and the Bollywood vibe that make it so alluring. Mumbai has some of the most beautiful places to enjoy the rains and we have covered them all in the article below. So, read on and start planning for your next Mumbai trip.

1. The Happy Ferry Rides

As the monsoon arrives, so does the income of ferry owners. There is something about riding a ferry on a wet cloudy morning. If you fancy all things monsoon and sea, you may want to hop on an early morning ferry. The view, needless to say, is stupendous.

Riding a boat on the Arabian Sea while watching the rain wash away the megacity gives you a feeling that is hard to shake off. Don't forget to carry your rain jacket and an umbrella to leverage the full fun of an early morning ferry ride. You may want a hot cup of tea post your mini adventure and that takes us to the second point.

2. The Romantic Pondering At Marine Drive

There is nothing better than sitting at the Marine Drive, watching the sea as it hits the star-shaped rocks. Even on a regular day, Marine Drive is a walking, jogging and reading inspiration for many. But as the monsoon comes, the place becomes more crowded with rain enthusiasts.

You'll find couples, young college kids, office-goers, young girls, senior citizens, etc., everyone enjoying the showers in this side of the town. Sitting under an umbrella, watching the sea and the city soak up in the rains is something incredible.

In case you get a tad cold, you'll always find tea vendors, selling their cutting chai. You can also find chana masala and chaat vendors if you fancy that. But a hot cup of tea while watching the rain and the sea is something phenomenal. Isn't it?

3. Driving Down The Sea Link

Mumbai has been known for many things throughout history - be it the gangsters, Bollywood, the media houses, the locals, etc. But one of the most popular things of our times is Bandra-Worli Sea Link. The mega bridge connecting the two towns forms a beautiful skyline, set against concrete buildings and skyscrapers. It's not just any bridge; It's the sea link - as put up by Mumbaikars.

Many people just drive through the sea link for the sake of it. You may ask why. Because the feeling of driving through this mega human creation is just hard to put into words. If you have never been to Mumbai, we recommend you hire a car and drive through the sea link. You'll thank us later.

For some reason, rickshaws are not allowed. But the experience is worth a while. Driving through the bridge, watching the entire city while it rains is something we all need to see in our lives.

4. The Unbeatable Bandstand View

Head to this place to get a good look at Shahrukh Khan's bungalow, but if you don't fancy Bollywood stars, you may just go there to enjoy the showers as you watch the sea. There are many things about this particular place that make it so irresistible.

The first comes the view of the Arabian Sea. What's better than drinking a cup of tea, eating a hot snack while watching the waves hit the shore! The second comes the Bollywood stars who have established their abodes on the line of the shore. And the third is the mini cafes that offer a variety of hot beverage as you ponder over the vastness of sea from here.

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5. A Walk At The Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach is popular for its touristic popularity. But there is more to it. The black-sand sea is hoarded by vendors of all shapes and sizes. The rains bring much relief from the scorching sun and the beach becomes the most popular hangout during this time.

You can just take a walk across the beach (leave your shoes), or enjoy a kala khatta as you sit under a cosy umbrella and watch the sunset or sketch the people around while everyone else dances to the tune of rains. Nothing beats the romantic backdrop of Juhu Beach, so if you have plans to take your partner out, you can head straight to Juhu Beach without a thought and it will surely give you a good time.

6. The Colonial Side Of Bombay

Southern Bombay is known for its colonial imprints. The English side of the town blooms as the rain starts pouring. The lounging cafes and the sidewalks send you back to an era that was ruled by the West. The bustling traffic and the yellow taxis make a perfect backdrop for your selfies.

This side of the town is rather different from rest of the city as it has something for everyone - the colonial architect, the long clean roads, the cafes and the rains that make it all so beautiful.

Safety Tips: This article suggests travelling to Mumbai during the end of monsoon or just the beginning, as these days, the monsoon is rather heavy and stepping out of the house could be dangerous. Follow the weather forecast and the news about the monsoon and then make your decision. If the showers are controlled and not frequent, you can definitely enjoy the beauty of Mumbai rains.

How To Reach Mumbai

How To Reach Mumbai Via Air: Mumbai has a pretty active connectivity through the major cities in India. Daily flights from Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai are available. The domestic airport is located at the centre of the city so it is easier for you to take a taxi or a bus to your next location in Mumbai.

How To Reach Mumnbai Via Road: Being the financial capital of the country, Mumbai enjoys a strong road connectivity. There are major government and private buses shuttling in and out of the nearby states and cities like Goa, Pune, Bangalore, etc.

How To Reach Mumbai Via Rail: Mumbai is huge and it has huge railway lines with more than 10 key railway stations. Travelling via rail is much easier as it covers most the state in one stretch. The most popular railway station is Mumbai Central.

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