» »Lonar Crater Lake in Maharashtra

Lonar Crater Lake in Maharashtra

By Akshatha Vinayak

Crater Lake and that too in India? Yes, a crater is a cavity formed by a meteorite or a celestial object. You might have seen such craters in several movies; a humongous pit formed by a celestial object. Well, Lonar Crater Lake is one such unique geological heritage situated in Buldhana of Maharashtra.

Lonar Crater Lake in Maharashtra

Lonar Lake
Photo Courtesy: V4vjk

Lonar Lake has drawn scientists and researchers for years. Interestingly, Lonar Lake is mentioned even in the historical texts like the Ain-i-Akbari, Skanda Purana and so on.

What Makes Lonar Lake Unique?

  • First, it is formed due to the impact of a meteorite or an asteroid.
  • Secondly, the water is both alkaline and saline. You can see the salt crystals on the lake bed. In simple terms, this water is like the soda; bubbles can be seen when you shake this water in a bottle.
  • As interesting as it sounds, a record in the Ain-i-Akbari suggests that the lake has the raw materials necessary to manufacture soap and glass.
Lonar Crater Lake in Maharashtra

Lonar Crater Lake
Photo Courtesy: Akash Sharma

Yes, it is the alkalinity of the water in Lonar Lake that has attracted ecologists and geologists. The lake is surrounded by thick vegetation and is fed by two streams named Purna and Penganga.

Apart from the rain, these streams are the major source of water draining into this lake. As a traveller, you will be amazed by the picturesque nature in Lonar Lake. The crater lake is a said to be several thousand years old, and it has been a centre of attractions for decades.

Lonar Crater Lake in Maharashtra

Daitya Sudan Lake
Photo Courtesy: Smundra

Tourist Attractions Around Lonar Lake

Lonar Crater Lake itself is a heritage and forms the main attraction here. Other than that, Little Lonar or Ambar Lake is another lake in the vicinity. When the meteor created this crater, a small piece of the meteor fell at another place creating Little Lonar Lake. It is also called as Chota Lonar Lake.

Mythology of Lonar

As per the legend, once a demon named Lonarsur or Lavanasur lived in this area. He used to trouble the people of this region. So, Lord Vishnu came here in the form of Daitya Sudan and killed the demon. A Chalukyan Shrine named as Daitya Sudan Temple is one of the prominent historical sites near Lonar Crater Lake.

Lonar Crater Lake in Maharashtra

Kamalja Devi Temple
Photo Courtesy: V4vjk

History of Lonar

Lonar region in Buldhana was an important trading centre in the past. From being a part of Ashoka's Kingdom to Chalukyas and Mughal era to the British, Lonar has had a glorious past. Various temples on the banks of this lake is a fine example to reflect its history.

Kamalja Devi Temple and Daitya Sudan Temple are the two main temples near Lonar Crater Lake. Although there are many other temples, most of them are in ruins.

The beauty and uniqueness of Lonar Crater Lake is best to be explored. The scenic landscapes and its formation make us go 'wow'! No doubt, Lonar Crater Lake is one among the best and special tourist places to be explored in Maharashtra.

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