» »Chalakudy – A Beautiful Canvas Straight Out Of Heaven

Chalakudy – A Beautiful Canvas Straight Out Of Heaven

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Over a period of time, Kerala has become one of the preferred destinations in India for the summer season as this beautiful state is an ideal place to chill and relax amidst the heavenly beauty of nature. Kerala is not called God's Own Country for nothing; it has earned the title through its spectacular and mesmerising presence of backwaters, waterfalls and hills.

Chalakudy is one amongst these breathtaking splendours of Kerala, which are certainly responsible for decorating and glorifying the overall beauty of the state. So, if you are looking forward to spending some time away from the crowd of tourists in seclusion, then Chalakudy is an idyllic destination for you this summer. Read on to know more about Chalakudy and how to reach it.

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A Little About This Incredible Beauty

A Little About This Incredible Beauty

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Located on the banks of Chalakudy river, Chalakudy is a beautiful tiny town in the Thrissur district of Kerala. Being a flourishing part of Kerala, it is normal for tourists to expect breathtaking sights and magnificent sceneries in and around the town and to everyone's surprise, Chalakudy is far better than one's expectations and beyond one's comprehension.

Considering its lush environment and tranquil atmosphere, it is certainly a place where one can easily get lost in the hush of nature. Being located at a distance of around 50 km from Kochi and being the base camp for tourists going to Athirappilly Falls, Chalakudy is visited by hundreds of travellers and tourists every year.

As the deepest corners of Chalakudy are still away from commercialisation, one can freely roam around and gaze at the delicate beauty of Kerala. Regarding history, Chalakudy has also been a significant base of operations during the reign of Tipu Sultan.

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Best Time To Visit Chalakudy

Best Time To Visit Chalakudy

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As the summers remain cool in Chalakudy, it is a year-round destination. However, being a summer retreat, it is visited mostly during the months of the summer season. If you are keen to witness the beauty of Chalakudy at its summit, then you must visit anytime from October until the end of May.

Things To Do In And Around Chalakudy

Things To Do In And Around Chalakudy

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Being an unexplored and uncrowded stoppage, Chalakudy has a lot in store to offer its tourists. The lush green carpets of nature surrounding the town offer a great opportunity of camping and the rocky terrains and hilly regions around it provide its visitors with the opportunities of trekking. One can also go photographing the godly presence of nature and witness the unseen magnificence of its landscapes and natural scenery.

Due to the presence of Chalakudy river, this beautiful town also has boating , fishing and swimming in store to offer its tourists. Apart from all this, you can also visit its perennial waterfalls, such as Athirappilly Waterfall, which are certainly responsible for producing melody in the air as they gush down the hills and terrains of Chalakudy.

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Prime Attractions In Chalakudy

Prime Attractions In Chalakudy

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As the region of Chalakudy is rich in natural beauties, you can find a lot of places here which allure hundred of visitors every year. From waterfalls to churches, dams to rivers and wildlife sanctuaries to picturesque hills, there are myriad places to enjoy the gems of nature.

The prominent places which you should not miss while in and around Chalakudy include Chalakudy river, Athirappilly Waterfall, Kanakamala, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Sholayar Dam and St. Mary's Forane Church. Isn't it an interesting place where you can find a huge variety of natural splendours? So, what do you think of planning a visit to Chalakudy this season?

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How To Reach Chalakudy

How To Reach Chalakudy

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By Air: The nearest airport from Chalakudy is at a distance of about 20 km, in Kochi. From the airport, you can get a cab to Chalakudy which will take an approximate time of 40 minutes.

By Rail: Chalakudy has a railway station of its own. Hence, you can catch a direct train to this beautiful town from nearby cities and towns.

By Road: Chalakudy is located at a distance of around 30 km from the main town of Thrissur. As it has a good network of roads, you can easily approach Chalakudy by road.

Why You Must Visit Chalakudy

Why You Must Visit Chalakudy

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You can't find such perennial beauty in each corner of India, which is a perfect blend of waterfalls, hills, viewpoints, parks and rivers. Hence, Chalakudy is an ideal place for every traveller who is looking forward to getting lost in retirement and getting absorbed by calmness and stillness. So, who would refrain from being at such an amazing place which can literally rejuvenate and revive you?

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