» »Bhopal To Pench National Park – To An Inspiring Weekend Getaway

Bhopal To Pench National Park – To An Inspiring Weekend Getaway

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There are several places around Bhopal which can make your weekends memorable and exciting. Pench National Park, located an 8-hr drive away, is amongst the few places in the state of Madhya Pradesh which are known for their pristine and natural beauty. Being rich in forests, wildlife and grasslands, Pench National Park is certainly a delight for nature lovers.

Hence, it remains crowded with photographers and nature lovers throughout the year. How about a trip from Bhopal to Pench National Park this season? The beauty of this unforgettable park filled with surprising beauties is at its summit during the summer season. Therefore, it is an idyllic destination to spend your summer weekends.

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Best Time To Visit Pench National Park

Best Time To Visit Pench National Park

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As the summers are cool and comfortable in the region of Pench National Park, it can be visited throughout the year. However, if you are looking to spot endangered and rare species of animals and avifauna here, then the best time to visit is during the summer season, when most of the animals are out in the open. If you are looking to witness the exotic greenery of the national park, then the best time is from October until the end of March.

How To Reach Pench National Park From Bhopal

How To Reach Pench National Park From Bhopal

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By Air: The nearest airport is at Nagpur at a distance of about 120 km. From the aiport, you can hire a cab to Pench National Park and it will take you an approximate time of 3 hours to reach your destination.

By Rail: You can catch a train to Nagpur Junction and then from there you can hire a cab to Pench National Park.

By Road: Flourishing at a distance of about 400 km from Bhopal, Pench National Park is connected to all major cities and towns by proper roads; hence, it is easily accessible by road.

Route 1: Bhopal - Gadarwara - Pench National Park

Route 2: Bhopal - Betul - Pench National Park

However, being the fastest and the most comfortable, route 1 will take you half an hour lesser in comparison to route 2. You can reach your destination within 8 hours through route 1. You can also take a break at Gadarwara, which is located at a distance of about 175 km from Bhopal and 230 km from Pench National Park, while on your way to Pench National Park from Bhopal.



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Gadarwara is one of the oldest-living places in Madhya Pradesh and is located in the Narsinghpur district. It is believed to have been established during the prehistoric era and since then, it has been ruled by several dynasties over a period of time, ranging from the Satavahanas to the Gond dynasty and the Mughals to the British.

Due to presence of numerous temples in and around the town, Gadarwara is also sometimes referred to as the temple town. It is popular amongst local tourists for its Damru Ghati Temple, which houses the largest Shiva statue in the region. Other must-visit temples in Gadarwara include Badi Mata Temple, Jain Temple and Marhai Mata Temple. So, how about taking a short break at this temple town and feeling the essence of spirituality?

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Final Destination – Pench National Park

Final Destination – Pench National Park

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Being rich in dense forests and diverse wildlife, each and every corner of Pench National Park is set to be explored. From endangered animals to rare species of plants, you can find everything within the boundaries of this mesmerising national park. Read on to know in detail about this natural beauty which has been expanding wildlife for decades.

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Wildlife In Pench National Park

Wildlife In Pench National Park

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Located in the Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh, Pench National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the country and is home to hundreds of species of animals, birds, plants and reptiles. It is also a well-maintained tiger reserve now and hence, you can also spot a few tigers roaming in the park.

The major species of animals found here include India leopard, chital, nilgai, wild boar, deer, striped hyena and sloth bear. Peafowl, pintail, Indian roller, shoveller and blue kingfisher are certain species of birds to spot in Pench National Park. The Park is covered with dense teak forests and other species, such as amaltas, saja, ghost tree and bamboo.

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Speciality Of Pench National Park

Speciality Of Pench National Park

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Being a natural beauty filled with diverse wildlife, it is impossible for Pench National Park to not inspire others to capture and contemplate its beauty. Pench National Park is also one of the most covered and talked about wildlife beauties in India, as it is the place which inspired Rudyard Kipling to pen down his thoughts, thereby, creating one of the most loved books, The Jungle Book.

It is also the place which has inspired many writers and film-makers to document its heavenly presence of nature. With the presence of Pench river streaming through its forests, and the lush green environment, Pench National Park certainly seems to be a small paradise on the lands of Madhya Pradesh. So, how about getting yourself here and finding Bagheera and Mowgli playing around its forests?

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Places Of Interest Near Pench National Park

Places Of Interest Near Pench National Park

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Apart from savouring the wildlife of Pench National Park, you can also explore beyond its boundaries and visit nearby attractions, such as Satpura National Park, Dongargarh-Khaara Reserve Forest, Nagpur and Balaghat.

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