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Travel Guide To Airavatesvara Temple In Darasuram

By Siji Ram

The temples are one of the reasons why South India is so famous. There are many temples with a rich past and some with legends that make you curious about the temples. Tamil Nadu has several temples that are connected to Indian mythology. Airavatesvara Temple in Darasuram is one such temple that is worth exploring.

The Airavatesvara Temple is located in Darasuram, and is one among the three famous temples in Tamil Nadu that were built by the Chola Kings. Collectively, these three temples are known as the Great Living Chola Temples. The other two temples that belong to this group are the Brihadeeshwara Temple of Thanjavur and the temple of Gangaikondacholapuram.

Scenic Vistas Of Brihadeeshwara Temple


PC: Ravichandar

Legend Behind The Temple

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. As per mythology, Lord Shiva was worshipped here by Airavata, Lord Indra's elephant who had seven trunks and four tusks. After being cursed by sage Durvasa for not respecting him, the spotless Airavata turned into a discoloured elephant. The elephant got freed from the curse only after taking a dip in the sacred waters of the temple.

It is also believed that Yama, the King of Death, also worshipped Lord Shiva here. Yama, who was cursed by a sage which caused a burning sensation all over his body, took a dip in the sacred tank of the temple and got cured. This temple tank is thus named Yamateertham.



Architecture Of The Temple

The temple is built using Dravidian architectural style, and is known for its exquisite carvings and sculptures. The mythical creatures called Yalis are sculpted on the pillars of the temple. Yalis are creatures with an elephant's trunk, a bull's body, a lion's head, a ram's horns and a pig's ears.

The steps to the temple is another interesting feature of the structure. These are musical steps that produce all the seven 'swaras' (notes) of music when tapped on different points of the steps.



How To Reach Airavatesvara Temple

The temple is located in Darasuram town near Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu. Darasuram is connected to the nearby cities by road and rail. Here's how to reach Darasuram.

Hotels In Darasuram

There are several stay options near Airavatesvara Temple in Darasuram. Some of them are Paradise Resort, Sivamurugan Hotels and Hotel Raya's.

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