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Thirumanancheri Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Thirumanancheri

  • 01Sri Kalyanasundareswarar Swamy Temple

    Sri Kalyanasundareswarar Swamy Temple

    Sri Kalyanasundareswarar Swamy Temple, an important temple situated near Thirumanancheri is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a place of worship lost deep in myths and legends. As the legend goes, it was here that Goddess Parvathi took rebirth to marry Lord Shiva.

    The temple complex is also quite expansive, spreading over an area as large as 3.5 acres. The times of worship are from 6 in the morning till 12 in the afternoon and from 3 in the evening till 8 at night. This is known as another popular place for worship that is frequented by those who have trouble finding a life partner.

    The temple also has shrines for Lord Shiva as the “Nataraja”, Lord Dakshinamoorthy, Lord Brahma, Lord Lingodbhavar and Goddess Durga. A shrine dedicated to Lord Varadarajar is also present inside this temple. Lord Varadarajar’s consorts Bhoo Devi and Sri Devi are worshipped along with him in this shrine.

    The best times to visit this temple would be during the festival seasons that are celebrated in this temple. The chief festivals observed in the temple include Karthigai Deepam, Navaratri, Arudra Darisanam and Thirukkalyanam.

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  • 02Thevaram Shrine

    Thevaram Shrine, as the name goes, is renowned for its practice of devotees chanting Thevaram Hymns inside it every day. It is believed that listening to and taking part in the chanting of these hymns relieves the devotee of all the mental pain and misery that they go through in their day to day life. It is quite famous among the locals and is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva.

    The shrine is also famous as an avenue that promotes ancient Hindu folk art forms and practices rituals that trace back to several millennia. Steeped in history is this structure; the steady drone of the sacred verses being chanted here instantly put you in a state of trance.

    It is located close to the centre of the town itself. You will not have much trouble finding the shrine once you are at Thirumanancheri.

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  • 03Sivaramapuram Agraharam

    Sivaramapuram Agraharam

    Sivaramapuram Agraharam is a village located close to the Thirumanancheri Temple. Agraharams are typical Brahmin villages, the very layout of which is different from other villages. In an agraharam, the houses don’t have compound walls separating them. They are all constructed one after the other, and the walls of one house serve to be the wall of the adjacent houses as well.

    Sivaramapuram Agraharam is no different. It’s a fine example of Tamil architecture, with the houses laid in the north-south direction, adjacent to one another and a temple of Lord Vishnu on one end, and that of Lord Shiva on the other. The very word Agraharam refers to a garland that is given as an offering to the Lord.

    This is the reason why the village is constructed like a garland adorning the spiritual body of the lord. A visit to the Sivaramapuram Agraharam is highly recommended to understand the intricacy of village architecture that has been in vogue in Tamil Nadu since time immemorial. 

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  • 04Sapthasagara Tirtha

    Sapthasagara Tirtha

    Saptasagara Tirtha literally means “Water from the Seven Seas”, and as the myth goes the water that fills this tank is composed of the water from the seven great seas. It is located quite close to Sri Uthvaganatha Swami Temple and is easy to approach once you are at Thirumanancheri.

    The holy tank is important for couples who are not blessed with children. According to folklore, those who don’t have children will be blessed with them after offering their prayers in the temple and then taking a dip in the Saptasagara Thirtha.

    This place is a must visit for the devotees coming to Thirumanancheri, if not for religious purposes, then for the experience of taking a dip in the waters of the Seven Seas at Saptasagara Thirtha. The next thing a devotee has to do, after taking a dip in the Sapta Sagara Thirtha, is to pray to the Planet Raghu at the shrine. 

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  • 05Panchaloha Utsavar

    Panchaloha Utsavar

    Panchaloha Utsavar is a procession that attracts a lot of visitors to the town of Thirumanancheri. Panchaloha literally translates to “five metals” and refers to an alloy that has been in vogue since the ancient days among artisans for the making of idols for temples.

    And as the name suggests, the alloy is composed of five different metals, namely silver, iron, gold, lead and copper. The highlight of this procession is the array of idols made from the Panchaloha Alloy that are part of the convoy. Many people come from neighbouring towns and cities to see this procession.

    The chanting of the Vedas during the procession and the sight of the idols contribute to the surreal aura of the setting. If one does visit Thirumanancheri during the time when Panchaloha Utsavar takes place, it will leave its mark in his or her minds.

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  • 06Poochuti Perumal Temple - Murugamangalam

    Poochuti Perumal Temple - Murugamangalam

    Poochuti Perumal Temple at Murugamangalam is located close to Thirumanancheri. It is famous as a place of worship for Vaishnavites. Even for others, this is an important place of pilgrimage, where the traditional rites and methods of worship are still practiced. Lord Vishnu is the deity who is worshipped here in the form of Poochuti Perumal.

    The place is known for the many traditional Hindu Festivals that are celebrated here and is an important place of worship for the locals. Time almost seems to coagulate as we approach the Poochuti Perumal Temple and you are immersed in an aura of timelessness once you are inside this temple.

    It is almost as if the temple is frozen in the past. Poochuti Perumal Temple is worth a visit while you are in Thirumanancheri.

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