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Panchaloha Utsavar, Thirumanancheri

Panchaloha Utsavar is a procession that attracts a lot of visitors to the town of Thirumanancheri. Panchaloha literally translates to “five metals” and refers to an alloy that has been in vogue since the ancient days among artisans for the making of idols for temples.

And as the name suggests, the alloy is composed of five different metals, namely silver, iron, gold, lead and copper. The highlight of this procession is the array of idols made from the Panchaloha Alloy that are part of the convoy. Many people come from neighbouring towns and cities to see this procession.

The chanting of the Vedas during the procession and the sight of the idols contribute to the surreal aura of the setting. If one does visit Thirumanancheri during the time when Panchaloha Utsavar takes place, it will leave its mark in his or her minds.

Panchaloha Utsavar Photos