Sivaramapuram Agraharam, Thirumanancheri

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Sivaramapuram Agraharam is a village located close to the Thirumanancheri temple. Agraharams are typical Brahmin villages, the very layout of which is different from other villages. In an agraharam, the houses don’t have compound walls separating them. They are all constructed one after the other, and the walls of one house serve to be the wall of the adjacent houses as well.

Sivapuram Agraharam is no different. It’s a fine example of Tamil architecture, with the houses laid in the north-south direction, adjacent to one another and a temple of Lord Vishnu on one end, and that of Lord Shiva on the other. The very word Agraharam refers to a garland that is given as an offering to the Lord. This is the reason why the village is constructed like a garland adorning the spiritual body of the lord. A visit to the Sivaramapuram Agraharam is highly recommended to understand the intricacy of village architecture that has been in vogue in Tamil Nadu since time immemorial.


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