Sapthasagara Tirtha, Thirumanancheri

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Saptasagara Tirtha literally means “Water from the Seven Seas”, and as the myth goes the water that fills this tank is composed of the water from the seven great seas. It is located quite close to Sri Uthvaganatha Swami Temple and is easy to approach once you are at Thirumanancheri. The holy tank is important for couples who are not blessed with children.

According to folklore, those who don’t have children will be blessed with them after offering their prayers in the temple and then taking a dip in the Saptasagara Thirtha. This place is a must visit for the devotees coming to Thirumanancheri, if not for religious purposes, then for the experience of taking a dip in the waters of the Seven Seas at Saptasagara Thirtha. The next thing a devotee has to do, after taking a dip in the Sapta Sagara Thirtha, is to pray to the Planet Raghu at the shrine.


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