Lord Murugan Temple, Thanjavur

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The Lord Murugan Temple (also known as the Swaminathaswamy Temple) is built on an artificial hill at an elevation. A flight of 60 steps leads up to the temple, based on the longstanding Hindu conviction of being in line with the average life span of a human being, which is 60 years.

The Temple has three floors and access to the higher floors is by means of a rather steep staircase. On the topmost floor, the sanctum sanctorum is located. If one wants to do ‘Abhishekham’, they are takenb into the inner sanctorum. The Abhishekham lasts for about 60 minutes during which hymns are sung, and different gifts are offered to the Lord. The middle segment is a walk around the temple. The lowest comprises of Temples of Lord Shiva.

Accommodation and food are also provided by the temple, or one can opt for the many restaurants around the divine building.

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