Brihadeshwara temple, Thanjavur

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Brihadeshwara Temple is a major example of the amazing progress made by the Cholas in Tamil architecture. Dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, it is India’s largest temple and the world's first temple structure built completely in granite. The grandeur and the sheer scale of serenity emanating from the temple, coupled with its architectural brilliance has resulted in it being a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Greatest Living Chola Temples’. It was built by Rajaraja Chola - I.

Constructed in the Dravidian style of architecture, the Brihadeshwara Temple houses a statue of a Nandi Bull, considered sacred among Hindus. It is believed to have been created from a single rock piece and is said to weigh 25 tonnes.

In the month of May, the annual festival is held within the Temple. During the course of the festival, the deity is soaked with the aromatic Champaka flower and bathed in water.

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