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The Art Gallery in Thanjavur was built in 1600 AD and is home to a wide variety of figures and paintings from South India. It is located in the Thanjavur Palace and is an architectural wonder in its own right. The Thanjavur Art Gallery is widely renowned for a huge range of artifacts, relics and bronze images that reflect the prominent artistic awareness that existed during the period from 9th to 12th centuries. Many of these have been brought from the numerous temples in the district of Thanjavur. Some of these relics were buried earlier due fear of theft.

The Gallery is divided into three sections namely Indira Mandir, Pooja Mahal and Rama Chowdam Hall. The Pooja Mahal displays stone sculptures, the Indira Mandir houses arsenal and various forms of God in stone while the Rama Chowdam Hall has a collection of idols and images in bronze.

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