Mysterious Places Tamil Nadu

Mysterious Places In Tamil Nadu That Take You By Surprise

P.C: JR Korpa We often let our imaginations run wild, conjuring up some pretty surreal stuff that could amaze even the most well-seasoned acid trippers. But Mother Nature, the maverick magician, would let us take a backseat in this score when ...
Brihadeeswarar Temple The Living Chola Temple

Brihadeeswarar Temple - The Living Chola Temple

Brihadeeswarar Temple of Thanjavur stands as an epitome of Chola architecture. The temple, along with the Airavatesvara Temple and the Gangaikonda Cholapuram, has been accorded the name of Great Living Chola Temple and is a part of the respected UNESCO World ...
Guide Thanjavur Great Living Chola Temples

Garden City To Temple City : A Drive From Bengaluru To Thanjavur

Thanjavur also known as Tanjore, is an important centre of South Indian religion, art and architecture. Home to the Great Living Chola temples, a World Heritage site, Thanjavur is also known for the famous Tanjore painting, which is something very unique ...
Travel The World Music World Music Day

Travel to the World of Music – World Music Day

Music is eternal, music is a best tranquilizer to souls. Music enhances the spirit of both the singer and the listener. Are you feeling low? Are you unable to focus? Do you have trouble understanding yourself? Just listen to some melodious ...
Popular Temples In Thanjavur

Popular Temples in Thanjavur

The exotic heritage of Thanjavur is astonishing for every traveller. All credit goes to the Chola Dynasty under which Thanjavur flourished the most. Let us make a tour around some popular temples in Thanjavur to see the rich contribution of Cholas. ...
Ancient Cities In India

Travel Back in Time: Ancient Cities in India

One might wonder what the ancient cities then might look like now! Today we can only find some places that either holds their architectural heritage or are still inhabited. Many ancient cities we hear or read might have also perished over ...
Weekend Getaways Around Vizag

Weekend Getaways Around Vizag

Vizag also known as Vishakapatnam is a major tourist hub. The second largest city of Andhra Pradesh, it is technically is an industrial city. What invites travellers here are the sandy beaches along its coastline and a couple of hill stations ...
Shiva Temples India

Maha Shivratri 2020 : Travel to the 7 Unique Shiva Temples in India

Lord Shiva, the destroyer, is the most powerful deity of the Hindu trinity and has nearly 1,008 names. He is worshipped in many forms but mostly in the form of Lingam. The Shivaratri is a major festival dedicated to him and devotees from all over the world come ...
Scenic Vistas The Brihadeshwara Temple 001116 Pg

Scenic Vistas of Brihadeshwara Temple

The Brihadeshwara Temple in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu  is a major example of the amazing Tamil architecture and was constructed during the Chola dynasty. It boasts of Dravidian design and was built by Raja Raja Chola and is the largest temple in ...
Places Visit Thanjavur Things Do How Reach

Discovering Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu's Emerald Beauty

P.C: niko photos Thanjavur, in Tamil Nadu, is the ancient capital of the Chola Kingdom. Owing to its rich cultural past, the town boasts of an elaborate monumental heritage and is home to many World Heritage Sites. This temple town is ...
Top Places Visit South India During July

Top Places To Visit In South India During July

The mesmerising lands of South India are abound with the best of nature, culture, heritage and culinary experiences. The beauty of South India lasts through the year, but monsoons see some places take on an ethereal quality! Here are some of ...

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