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Travel to the World of Music – World Music Day

Written By: Brunda Nagaraj

Music is eternal, music is a best tranquilizer to souls. Music enhances the spirit of both the singer and the listener. Are you feeling low? Are you unable to focus? Do you have trouble understanding yourself? Just listen to some melodious sounds and see how your cluttered head starts to behave. Well, today being "World Music Day", why don't we visit the birth places of some great musicians of India to take a musical tour.

Different genres, various composers, unlimited lyrics, yet music never fails to leave anybody unhappy. The only way to be amazingly happy is to listen to music and yes, a lot of great composers have dedicated their lives for music and don't you think what a great gift it is to mankind?

Sri Purandaradasa

Image Courtesy : Murali Mohan Gurram

Sri Purandaradasa

A great Saint who was born in Purandargarh in Pune; backbone of Carnatic Music. It is said that he has composed more than four lakh seventy five thousand keertanas, but unfortunately we only have 800 available now. All his compositions end with a pen-name of Purandhara-Vittala. Born in Pune and settled in Hampi, this great saint has a major influence in Carnatic Music. There is a dedicated monument in Hampi, called as Purandar Mantapa.

Image Courtesy : Msvamsi

Sri Tyagaraja

Sri Tyagaraja

Born in Thiruvayuru, famous for it's Panchanatheesvarar temple (Lord of five rivers) is a great pilgrim centre and it is said that Sri Tyagaraja along with Sri Syama Sastri and Muthuswami Dikshitar have composed a lot of devotional songs. Sri Tyagaraja lived in a one-roomed house near the Shiva temple and during your visit to Thiruvayur do not forget to visit the temple of Sri Thyagaraja. Most of his compositions are in Telugu language and he is known for his outstanding work on Pancharatna Kritis.


Pioneer of the Hindustani Classical Music and one of the nine gems at Akbar court. Born in Gwalior, Tansen was a great vocalist and legends say that when Tansen sang the Deepak Raaga, it had the power to light up lights. His contribution towards Hindustani Music is tremendous and it is believed that almost all the Hindustani Gharanas has some sort of connection with Tansen.


Image Courtesy : Lala Deo Lal

Amir Khusrow

A great Sufi musician, born in Patiyali invented the percussion instrument Tabla and string instrument Sitar. Regarded as the "Father of Qawwali", Amir Khusro has a great influence on Sufi Music and it is said that Ghazals in India was introduced by him. He also brought some of Arabic and Turkish styles into Indian Classical Music.

Indian Music is famous worldwide and knowing about these legends will certainly draw us towards it more.

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Happy "World Music Day"!

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