Vijayanagar Fort, Thanjavur

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The Vijayanagara Fort is situated about two kilometers to the north east of the Big Temple or the Brahadeeswara. The Nayaks and the Maratha rulers are responsible for its construction in separate undertakings during the middle part of the 16th century AD. The Tanjavur Palace, the Sangeetha Mahal, the Tanjavur Art Gallery, the Siva Ganga Garden and the Saraswathi Mahal Library are all housed inside the fort. The purpose behind building the Fort was to safeguard the palace against enemies and intruders. Most of the fort is in ruins now , and part of it is open to the general public as an attraction.

Tourists interested in art, architecture and history are advised to visit the fort and the other attractions that are nestled inside of it, preferably over the course of half a day so as to not miss anything of significance.

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