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Ever wished you would find one of those serene places with not a soul in sight and a personal sea beach at your disposal. Tajpur is one of those secluded, nature destinations within driving distance of the state capital Kolkata in West Bengal.

The Beach

There are couple of odd facts about Tajpur’s sea beach which offer a wonderful experience to tourists. Unlike the usual crescent shaped pattern most sea beaches exhibit, Tajpur has an inverted crescent shaped beach which offers a great panoramic view of the horizon and the sea. The beach is surrounded by forests that add to the beauty of nature. The crimson red appearance of the beach is because of thousands of red crabs that live and hide in the sand. A kilometer down the beach is a beautiful lagoon that offers a sneak peek into the life of fishermen in the area.

The Nature Camp

The Tajpur Nature camp is a luxury beach front property in Tajpur. It offers tourists an opportunity to experience vast gardens, beach front hammocks, the best of food and drinks and an afternoon with memories that last. Casuarinas and Eucalyptus trees surround the property, and it promises to offer you a barefoot beach experience while keeping in mind sophistication.

Adventure Sports

For the kids at heart, Tajpur offers cheap and affordable adventure sports like Paragliding, river rafting, banana ride and rock climbing. The beach is full of touts that might approach you. Make sure they do not gym you especially if you are not a local.

How to reach Tajpur

Tajpur is well connected with road, rail and air.

Tajpur Weather

The climate of Tajpur is hot and humid.

Best time to visit Tajpur

The best time to visit Tajpur is in the winters.

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