Payyoli - A Soup Of Heritage And Beaches Mixed In Splendour!

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Payyoli is a small village in the district of Kozhikode (Calicut), South Kerala. Situated on the North Malabar Coast, it is a quiet destination with golden stretch of sand and shallow waters. Though it is known for its beach, a host of other spots make it a site for visit. It is also home to the athlete legend PT Usha. Payyoli is only 30 kms away from Kozhikode (Calicut).

Of Palm Fringed Beaches And Temples - Tourist Places In And Around Payyoli

Attractions of this place include the quiet, palm lined beach, the Kunjali Marrrakar Museum, Velliyamkallu and Trikkottur Perumalpuram Temple. The presiding diety of the temple is Lord Shiva. Trikkottur Perumalpuram Temple is located near the Payyoli beach. This place is well connected to the other parts of the state. Weather conditions are similar to the other parts of Kerala.

Delightful Delicacies

The place is famous for its delicacies and unique but delicious cuisine. The ingredients are an interesting mix of spices with culinary art to tell the tale of this place to the people. Restaurants and stalls are a sight to see here.

The famous Payyoli chicken fry (Payyoli Kozi Parichattu) is worth giving a try for food connoisseurs and non foodies alike. This hot platter can rejuvenate your sullen moods with the mind blowing use of red chilli and other spices. The rush of blood can bring hidden emotional intricacies alive and give you an entirely new experience and taste. A taste you can remember for a lifetime after the Payyoli visit.

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