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Payyoli Beach, Payyoli


Payyoli Beach is one of the renowned beaches in Kerala. The serene and calm environment makes it a tourist hub. The shallow waters are ideal for swimming and other water sports. Hospitality and food can keep you addicted to this place and enchanted forever.

The beach can be reached by sea as well which is just 14 km away. The shore is home to a number of protected and endangered species like the Olive Ridley Turtles. During November and December hundreds of turtles come ashore to lay eggs. You can get a treasured glimpse of this activity which is no less than visiting a wildlife sanctuary and getting an experience.

It is like watching the life come alive in scenic surroundings without any hiccups or bars surrounding them, just watching the action live. The food and warm hospitality are the major attractions here. The famous Payyoli chicken fry can be a thunderous beginning for your taste buds and you will eventually succumb to the other dishes on the platter as well.

The beach is also located near a massive rock formation called the Velliyamkallu which was a nightmare for many navigators in ancient times. A lighthouse was built overlooking it to alert the sailors. Natural engravings on the rock are worth a look and boat services are available from the beach to the rock. The region around this formation is a hub for migratory birds.

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