Taal Katore-ki-Karbala, Lucknow

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Taal Katore-ki-Karbala was built by Meer Khuda Baksh in 1800 AD as a memorial to the sacred battle of Karbala. The monument with medieval design is situated in the thick forest. It consists of three grand minarets and its central part is shaped like a dome. The design and art work in the monument surpasses the best elements of modern architecture. The tomb of the famous Shia Martyr Hazrat Hussain’s Rauza is also located in its peaceful and spiritual environs.

The holy shrine attracts huge gatherings of Shia Muslim devotees on the eve of Moharram. A mourning procession is held on the tenth day of Ashura. The devotees leave the tazias or the models of the tomb of Imam Hussain at Imambara Shah Najdaf. They are then taken to the Taal Katore-ki-Karbala. Children light candles beside the flag or the alam at Imambara Shah Najdaf. Food is cooked on Bara Imambara Road and is distributed free to the devotees throughout the ten days of Ashura.


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