Chinese Temple, Kushinagar

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Chinese Temple, also called the Lin Sun Chinese temple, is one of the modern temples built in Kushinagar. It is the first Buddhist monument that catches the attention of the tourists as they enter the gate of the city.

Constructed in a blend of Chinese and Vietnamese architectural designs, the colorful structure of the temple looks unique and remarkably different from other Buddhist shrines and monuments located across the city. The statue of Buddha housed in the temple is also built in Chinese style and image. The statue itself is a great centre of attraction for tourists and pilgrims.

Besides the main temple and the statue of the Buddha, the huge temple complex also houses the models of important Buddhist shrines situated in the cities of northern India such as Rajgir and Bodhgaya in Bihar, Lumbini in Nepal, Saravati in Uttar Pradesh and Nirvana Temple and Stupa in Kushinagar.

Managed by the Linh-Son Buddhists from Vietnam, the temple complex houses a meditation hall, Dharma Hall, Vihar and a school.


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