Saraswati Tirath, Kurukshetra

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Saraswati Tirath, comprising primarily a huge tank, is named after the now hidden and dried river Saraswati in Pehowa town some 26 kilometres from the holy city of Kurukshetra. It is one of the most important holy centres built on the bank of the ancient river of the Vedic times. As mentioned in the Vaman Purana and also in Mahabharata, Kurukshetra is located on the south of the river Saraswati.

The tirath is considered particularly auspicious for offering prayers and pind-daan to the souls of the dear departed forefathers or other loved family members. The tirath, therefore, remains crowded with people who come here to perform Shradhs and offer pind daan every year.

Saraswati Tirath hosts a religious fair called Chautra Chaudas Mela in March-April every year. According to an estimate around two lakh people assemble here to take a holy dip and pay their homage.

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