Uppiliappan Temple, Kumbakonam

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The Uppiliappan Temple is located in Kumbakonam and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu who is worshipped here in the form of Lord Uppiliappan Perumal. His wife, Bhumi Devi, along with her father rishi Markaandeya, is also worshipped in the temple. The temple is famous as one among the 108 DivyaDesams.

The temple is situated near Thirungaeswaram, a village in the district of Thanjavur and is only 7 km from Kumbakonam making it easily accessible via road. The temple is a famous destination among the pilgrims and is regarded as the ‘South Tirupathi’.

Legend has it that no food cooked with salt is allowed inside the temple; anyone does this knowingly has to suffer the wrath of God. In fact, all offerings to Lord Vishnu are prepared without salt because of this legend attached to the temple.

The main festivals that are held in the temple each year are the Brahmotsavam and the Kalyana.

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