Sarangapani temple, Kumbakonam

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The Sarangapani Temple in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple is only 1 ½ mile from the railway station at Kumbakonam and you can take autos or buses to reach the temple from the station.

This temple is considered as one of the 108 DivyaDesams in the Hindu culture and the 12 saints, also known as Alwars, have sung many praises of the temple in their works. The temple is very ancient and is the only temple of Maha Vishnu in the whole of South India.

Sarangapani Temple has been majestically built in keeping with its religious significance. The temple has a grand gopuram that stands at a height of 147 ft. The idol of Lord Vishnu installed in the shrine of the temple is in the AnantaSayanam posture on and is in a chariot with Adi Seshan overhead. The Goddesses Komalavalli is also worshipped in the temple.

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