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Patteswaram Durga Temple, Kumbakonam


Patteswaram Durga Temple is located in Patteswaram town that is only 10 km from Kumbakonam. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess, Durga, and is very famous among the devotees of the goddess. Each year, thousands of worshippers come to the temple to offer their prayers and to seek the blessings of Durga.

There is also a Shivalingam installed by Lord Rama in the temple, who was doing penance for having killed Ravana—a great patron of fine arts and an ardent follower of Lord Shiva.

The temple is big and is maintained well by the temple authorities. There are five gopurams or towers in the temple that are majestically built. In fact, the temple has seen many renovations and reconstructions in the last century. Various new additions have also been done in the temple. The architecture of the temple is reminiscent of the style of the Cholas, the Pallavas and the Nayaks, suggesting that these royal dynasties played an important role in the renovations done in the temple.


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