Bhagavatha Padithurai Ghat, Kumbakonam

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The Bhagavatha Padithurai Ghat is a bathing ghat located in Kumbakonam, that lies in the River Kaveri. The place is hustling and bustling with activity during the festival of Mahamaham, when a lot of pilgrims come here to take a dip in the holy waters of Kaveri. The dip is considered auspicious and a must for those participating in the festival. This holy bath is believed to purge one of the earthly sins so that the devotees can worship God with purity of both body and soul.

The River Kaveri holds a lot of religious significance for the Hindus and is considered a holy river. Water from the river is used in plenty of Hindu rituals and ceremonies. The ghat built on this river is situated right in the center of the Kumbakonam town and hence, plays a prominent role in the religious practices.

Efforts are made by the Kumbakonam municipality, to maintain the cleanliness of the ghat and the areas surrounding it.

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