Ramaswamy temple, Kumbakonam

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The Ramaswamy Temple is dedicated to one of Lord Vishnu’s incarnations, Lord Rama and is a famous temple located in Kumbakonam, in the district of Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu.

The temple was built under the able instructorship of Govinda Dikshitar who was the Prime Minister of the Nayakkar Kings. The Nayak Kings were great worshippers of Lord Vishnu and wanted to construct a temple dedicated to Him. Some of the pieces of architecture that adorn the temple are very much in keeping with the style that existed during the times of the Nayaks and have been beautifully hand-crafted. Govinda Dikshitar took the liberty of adding a corridor for commercial purposes between this new temple and the Chakrapani temple that was constructed many years before the Ramaswamy temple.

The entire Ramayana is represented in the form of pictures on the walls of the temple, but this pictorial representation is in three different sections.

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